Paris Metro System

Paris is a compact city, although it can be enjoyed and traveled by foot, particularly the central area, where the main tourist attractions are located. However, there are times when it is inevitable to take the subway or just be more convenient.

The Paris metro system has been in operation since 1900 when the first line of the system was launched during the Exposition Universelle in Paris and still today boasts of its efficiency and speed. Currently, trains are modern and clean and there is little waiting time between trains. However, a disadvantage of this transport system is the possibility of a crime, which, although it certainly is not high if greater than in the streets of Paris. In fact, no need to worry about crime in the subways of Paris, taking the necessary precautions.

The system has a total of approximately 211 km of track, 14 lines, 380 stations, 87 trains and 3500 operating with a specific route. About 6 million people per day use the underground transportation system inglesParís garden and said that any construction in the city was at least 500 meters from a subway station.

Moreover, the metro is not only effective but also very aesthetic. The Art Nouveau entrances designed by the architect Hector Guimard, are recognized and imitated in many cities. Many believe that some stations worth a visit just for its cultural value, such as the Louvre, on line 1 is imprsión the train which was stuck in the museum or Varenne station on the line 13, which features pieces from the Rodin Museum.

The metro ticket
The metro ticket can be sold individually or in books of 10

The ticket is valid for one journey. To return another ticket will be used. Since 1 July 2007, the ticket T + can also be used for bus / bus and tram / bus

It can be purchased at all branches of the RATP (there are at least one in every station), or ATMs.
Never buy your ticket from hand to hand.

Single ticket: 1.50 euro
Book of 10: 11,10 euros

Paris Visite ticket
Paris Visite is a single ticket to discover Paris and its region valid 1,2,3 or 5 days.

1 day
Adult: 8.50 euros
Children: 4.25 euros

2 days
Adult: 14 euros
Children: 7 euros

3 days
Adult: 19 euros
Children: 9.50 euros

5 days
Adults: 27.50 euros
Child: 13.75 EÜRP

Child rate: 4 to 11 years.
Children - 4 years: free

Rates: Updated January 5, 2008

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