France - An Overview 

The country's official name is the French Republic. The French Republic has an area of ​​220.668 square miles. This makes it the largest country in Western Europe, which represents about 80 percent of the size of Texas for purposes of comparison. The capital of France is Paris. Other major cities of note include the port city of Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Nice, Rennes, Lille and Bordeaux in the famous wine region of the same name. If you've ever watched the Tour de France, you know the ground in France ranges from majestic mountains to plains to the beautiful coast line along the southern and western boundaries of the country. This gives the country of various climatic conditions ranging from very cool in the mountainous areas to downright hot in places like South Beach Nice.

Citizens of the French Republic are appointed by the French name. The total population is higher at 62.4 million with an annual growth rate with more than 2 percent. Ethnicity is broken down as Celtic and Latin influences of heavy Teutonic, Slavic, North African, Sub-Saharan Africa, Indochina, and Basque minorities. The strong base minority is due to two facts, a lax immigration policy and migration of peoples from former colonies of France during imperial periods.

Despite the massive influx of immigrants over time, France is a largely homogenous society religious. Over 90 percent of all the French say that the Catholic faith as the religion of their choice. Sectors of the Muslim population, however, exist and are growing rapidly through immigration. The country's official language is French and is also the dominant language of everyday life. The literacy rate for France is over 99 percent, which is logical given the free, compulsory education system.

As this overview shows in France, he played a major role in European history. This makes it a great travel destination for much of the country has a historical value, which you can enjoy a little walk in the street.

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With more than 75 million visitors a year, France is the premier tourist destination. A peak due largely to the exceptional natural and cultural environment: varied landscapes, historical sites, cuisine recognized internationally and a great diversification of home on the coast or on the coast. Thus the 5500 km of coastline have no less than 200 resorts, mountain and French and her 6 mountain ranges (Alps, Corsica, Massif Central, Jura, Pyrenees, Vosges) home 330 ski areas and hundreds of spas.

France and its natural heritage

In France, the forest covers 27% of the territory. The 44 regional parks and seven major national parks preserve biodiversity, landscapes and historical sites while allowing the public to enjoy this heritage. Parks contribute to the sustainable development of reconciling the protection of nature with human activities.

    The seven major national parks in France and overseas territories.
    The forty five regional parks of France Métroplitaine.
    The national inventory of natural heritage in France is conducted by the National Museum of Natural History. It lists the 2700 sites protected for their interest in preserving bio-diversity (Conservatoire du Littoral, Natura 2000 sites, National Parks and Reserves ...)
    Nature reserves classified by regions.
    The label Great Sites of France is a recognition of state for the sustainable management of natural outstanding. In 2010, the network has 35 sites recognized for their outstanding scenery.

France and its historical patrimony and cultural

    The network of 117 cities in France labeled City and Country of Art and History.
    The remarkable sites in France classified by Unesco World Heritage list.
    The database of the Ministry of Culture provides a multi-criteria search sites and historic monuments (13341) and recorded (24 489) to the heritage of France. These sites are protected and listed for their historic, artistic, scientific, legendary or picturesque.
    Virtual tour of the 200 most beautiful monuments of French heritage.
    Route towns shrines of France.
    The label Parks and Gardens of France presents 1212 outstanding public places and chosen for their historical and botanical interest.

List of most visited places in France
 1 The Amusement Park of Disneyland Paris (77)
 2 The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris (75)
 3 The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre (75)
 4 The Eiffel Tower (Paris)
 5 The Louvre (75)
 6 The Centre Georges Pompidou (75)
 7 The Mont Saint-Michel (50)
 8 The Palace of Versailles (78)
 9 The Cité des Sciences de la Villette (75)
 10 Le Parc Asterix (77)
 11 The Orsay museum (75)
 12 The Zoo Lille (59)
 13 The Cathedral of Reims (51)

14 The Notre-Dame de Chartres (28)

15 Le Puy du Fou and Park (85)

16 Le Pont du Gard (30)

17 L'Arc de Triomphe on the Place de l'Etoile (75)

18 The town of Sarlat and Lascaux Cave (24)

19 The Army Museum (75)

20 The sea ice in Chamonix (74)

21 The Aquarium of La Rochelle (17)

21 The Aquarium of La Rochelle (17)

22 The Castle of Chambord (41)

23 Sainte-Chapelle (Paris)

Amusement parks, monuments and museums are places that attract the most visitors. To this list should be added to the major tourist areas such as Brittany, the Cote d'Azur, the Alps, the Camargue, Perigord and forgotten sites ranking as the Dune du Pilat, the castles of the Loire, Millau Viaduct and events like the Christmas market in Strasbourg and the great Fair of Lille.

France administered
The Métroplitaine France is divided into 96 departments and 22 administrative regions, each comprising several departments. The 22 metropolitan areas plus 5 overseas departments of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guiana, Reunion and Mayotte, which are treated as regions. 

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France Travel Tips

A traveler can not be found to the impasse on a trip to France. The nation, its fierce pride and culture, refined over centuries, can not be described in words - you must see it to believe it. You will recognize the trademark Gallic - sea blue zinc roofs along the boulevards, the huge cathedrals, the smoky salons - and more subtle details, such as art and how to serve coffee, conversation daily between caregivers on their doorsteps. The French seek to live in luxury and refinement: you will understand that love of detail when you feel your taste buds sparkle with the first bite of lemon pie or putting your eyes on the masterpieces of the Louvre. The generosity of the country appear if you know you pay as much attention to small things in life than big events. If you can not escape the treasures of the Musée d'Orsay and Versailles breathtaking grandeur, also think of more modest pleasures: a getaway ride along country roads, the scent of a fresh baguette incomparable, echoing bouquet of a Sancerre. Let your senses guide you, they will give you the key to the heart of the French. You will love this way to see the details - and leave with the most beautiful memories.

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